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What we do

      The EZTPPI software has a number of innovative features that can help government organizations and agencies in scheduling and monitoring counseling sessions of their TPPI-oriented programs. Moreover, the EZTPPI software helps to manage data easily on participants, agency staff and partners in an organized manner. The following are some of the most notable features offered by the web-based software product:

Upload Student Demographics
  • Manage personal information about each participant
  • Include details of members other than the participant involved in counseling sessions linked with adolescent pregnancy prevention programs
Customized Topics/ Curriculum
  • Easily set up topics/curricula for a participant or a group of participants
  • Schedule the timing of each counseling topic associated with an adolescent pregnancy prevention program within minutes
  • Select multiple topics for each session
  • Build customized topics/curricula for participants based on requirements
Attendance Details and Sign-In Sheets
  • Print weekly roster sheets
  • Easily enter attendance details of participants enrolled in an adolescent parenting support program
  • Monitor attendance information on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Generate customized sign-in sheets
Run Real-Time Reports
  • Generate real-time reports like weekly/daily sign-in sheets quickly on demand
  • Reports can be generated for a single student or a group of students.
  • Save documents into your computer in .pdf or .doc formats.
Easy-To-Use GUI
  • A user-centered design which allows easy completion of tasks
  • This adolescent pregnancy software is adaptable to changing user needs
Individual/ Group Counseling Sessions
  • Manage individual/face-to-face counseling sessions with participants or with anyone on behalf of the participant at any specified location
  • Manage interactive group counseling sessions
  • Input agency staff/partner details linked with each guidance meeting.
  • This adolescent pregnancy software helps to schedule counseling sessions in a hassle-free manner
Case Management Studies
  • Track and manage case information of each student including health related issues
  • Add service details based on contact type
  • Include information on other members related to the participant
  • This adolescent pregnancy software helps in managing agency staff or partner details linked with the session
Goal Reviews
  • Track performance of participants on a regular basis
  • Schedule review dates
  • Enter service plans for each goal linked with the adolescent pregnancy prevention program
  • Select agency staff or partner responsible for each review
Web-Based Application
  • Easily access information associated with an adolescent parenting support program anytime at any place
  • No installation of software required
  • Save disk space and manage time efficiently
  • Only requirement – a system or device with an Internet connection