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Comprehensive web based software for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives


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Software for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives

The EZTPPI software is a web-based software for states or agencies to monitor programs and services focused on Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives (TPPI). The EZTPPI software includes a centralized database which enables you to record, manage, monitor and report services provided for TPPI-oriented welfare programs. The centralized database facilitates agencies providing multiple adolescent pregnancy prevention programs to store data and provide data analysis plus evaluation capabilities for staff managing the TPPI program.

The EZTPPI software was designed primarily for a state or a large agency providing adolescent pregnancy prevention programs dedicated towards educating the youth of today about problems that arise from teenage pregnancy. Additionally, these welfare programs also aim at helping out young under-aged parents to tackle the situation by supporting them to acquire proper education, skill sets and advising them about improving parenting techniques for a better future. This one of its kind adolescent pregnancy software helps out programs to carry out their functionalities in an effective manner. The EZTPPI software stores all this necessary information on participants plus their family members to help agencies conduct intensive case management studies based on individualized goal plans for their adolescent parenting support programs.

The EZTPPI software being a web-based product makes it possible for agencies and staff across the state to access and record participant data real time via a desktop computer, laptop or any other device that has an access to the internet.

With the EZTPPI software , managing TPPI participant data has never been easier! Using this adolescent pregnancy software, agencies are able to store and manage data easily including managing individual and group case sessions, tracking staff activities and creating/scheduling activities for TPPI participants.

The EZTPPI software has a user-friendly interface which helps the agency and staff members in quickly recording participant and program data for an adolescent parenting support program. Moreover the software helps in managing time efficiently and also in increasing productivity.

Schedule and define group or individual counseling sessions based on participant’s requirements. A user can also easily set comprehensive questionnaires and assign multiple targets for each participant. Real-time reports are generated for state and agency users to monitor and evaluate the adolescent pregnancy prevention program.